The best London fitness studios to Sculpt and Tone your physique

It’s a night on the couch and here we are (again) scrolling endlessly through instagram looking at the seemingly perfect bodies of the many fitness influencers that dominate Instagram algorithms. However, be skeptical pictures can be deceiving and... Facetune... we'll leave it there.

At RIG we’re not about crash diets or following someone else’s workout plan. We believe finding a class that fits your lifestyle and helps YOU to achieve YOUR goals is the real secret behind success. RIG is offering a £40 credit when you book your first class using our app (which you can download from the app store here).

We’ve put together some of our favourite classes that focus on sculpting and toning your physique in 10/10 studios . These classes will help you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and mindset that leave you feeling great, mentally and physically. If you love the classes as much as we do you can get an additional free class by referring a friend. Just think about how many free classes you’ll get if you refer five or even ten of your mates. You do the math…


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3 Tribes: BARRE class

Location: Borough

BARRE class is developed with ballet in mind, fusing strength training and elements of dance to sculpt and tone whilst improving posture and core strength. Your legs will be shaking after class.

Book BARRE with RIG from £11.52 (36% off the standard price)

Find 3 Tribes at the Borough studio and book the BARRE class on RIG

Louisa Drake Method: LDM SCULPT class

Location: Fitzrovia

The LDM SCULPT class is a full body strength and core sculpting workout that incorporates different equipment from gliders to weights. Lower impact and dynamic movements are used to target smaller muscle groups around your glutes, thighs, abs and arms for maximum burn.

Book LDM SCULPT with RIG from £9.90 (45% off the standard price)

Find Louisa Drake Method studio and book LDM SCULPT class on RIG

Movin: LOW + CORE class

Location: Camden

The LOW + CORE class targets legs, bums and your core using a combination of row, ride and weight circuits. It is a lower body blast designed to improve strength, endurance and create firm, toned and lean muscle.

Book LOW + CORE with RIG from £15 (24% off the standard price)

Find the Movin studio and book the LOW + CORE class on RIG


Location: Battersea

TOWER CLASS is a full body workout in a small group which will challenge you and your core. Using the springs as resistance works to strengthen and tone the body creating powerful, resilient muscles.

Book TOWER CLASS with RIG from £17.48 (50% off the standard price)

Find Pi Pilates studio and book the TOWER CLASS on RIG

Method Movement: PRX METHOD+ class

Location: Chelsea

PRX METHOD class is designed to improve core strength, posture and stability. The PRX METHOD fuse's mat pilates with dynamic TRX moves which targets the core and obliques. Think resistance exercises with a touch of cardio, helping to lean out your physique… well, assuming you don’t go all in on your post workout feed.

Book PRX METHOD+ with RIG from £12.17 (51% off the standard price)

Find Method Movement studio and book the PRX METHOD + class on RIG


Location: Kensington

Core Kensington offers intimate pilates reformer classes. Classes take a maximum of six people which enables the instructor to keep a close eye on your form, preventing injury and maximising your burn. Core Kensington uses top of the range stott pilates equipment and offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes so wimping out really isn’t an excuse here…

Book level 1 basic reformer with RIG from £22.50 (25% off the standard price)

Find the Core Kensington studio and book the level 1 basic reformer class on RIG

These are just a FEW classes that we recommend but there are so many more to choose from. This is YOUR time to move your body, socialise with likeminded people, de-stress and work on your long term goals. Working out isn’t just about getting the leanest body and abs of steel (even though these results are great), it’s also about adopting a healthier lifestyle to make YOU feel good. You’re not going to get results if you’re not enjoying what you do. Be disciplined. Work hard but play hard too!

Find us and download RIG in the app store for FREE!

Use code RIG4ME and claim your FREE £40 class credit when you sign up to RIG

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